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Craft Month: LMB Crafts

LMB Crafts is a local business that creates sweet accessories, crafting kits, home decor and more. They are launching a brand new DIY Kit, so we interviewed owner Leanne to ask her all about them.


Why did you decide to starting doing kits?

“I started the kits because of requests from my customers. At fairs and networking I’d get asked how I make something because they thought it was great or wanted to show it to someone else so they could have a go, at first I was reluctant but then I remembered how much I used to love showing my guides (I was once a girl guide and Ranger leader) how to do something and then, them being so proud of what they’d made. That’s how the sock monkeys came about in the first place and I love to pass on my skills to others.”


Tell us about your new kit?

“The New kit is different from previous kits. It’s all about the basics of machine sewing. Again this was based on customer requests. Kids aged 8 upwards were unsure when it came to machine sewing, mums weren’t too sure either so I put together the mini flower tote kit to guide them through the process of making something pretty and practical but nice and simple on the sewing machine.”


What was your inspiration for it?

“Ha ha as above really, kids wanting to sew and not knowing how. Mums wanting their kids to sew but not knowing where to start or go for help that wasn’t going to cost the earth.”

What level of sewer do you need to be to create it?

“It’s a really basic kit, straight lines all the way. So really basic. Ideal for beginners!”


Where can we buy your range of kits from?

“All my kits are available through Etsy ( or you can contact me through facebook (@lmbcrafts) or I’m usually at local craft fairs every month or so.”

Follow LMB Crafts on Facebook and Twitter.


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