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Craft Month: Fused Glass Workshop With Pam Goodison Glass Artist

On Sunday 14th of May, I got to attend Pam Goodison’s Fused Glass Workshop at the Crafty Business Network in the Barnsley Business Innovation Centre (BBIC). It was a fab couple of hours where I got to play around with bits of glass and other decorative bits. We have spoken to Pam before about a little tutorial she did for us, read it here: Make Dichroic Glass Pendant Jewellery with Pam Goodison

At first I was a bit overwhelmed with all of the possibilities and struggled to decide what I wanted to do at first! We has the choice of making either a pendent, a coaster, a star or small piece of artwork. I had an idea that I wanted to make something I could wear and use quite often so stuck with the pendent.

Right in front of me on the table were these little pots of metallic flakes and my eyes lit up. I had to use them in some way! So the pendent I went for was a pink and gold theme. I found this streaked pink piece of glass and loved the flowing natural look to it. I played with these long thin pieces of glass and then glued on these gold flakes. Pam then explained about capping off the piece with a clear piece of glass as the gold flakes can burn away in the furnace when being fired.

After putting way too much glue on this piece, I left this to one side and began a second pendent. I found this textured iridescent black glass and had to use it. I once again reached for those flakes and then capped it with some clear glass. I can’t wait to turn these into chokers and get wearing them! Thank you to Pam Goodison Glass Artist, like her facebook page here:!


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