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BFC Boutique Tour: Wishes of Cudworth


Wishes of Cudworth is a card and gift shop based on the high street of Cudworth. They sell a great range of cards and other small gifts, including some great fashion accessories. They have been open for almost 3 years, using owner Julia’s previous retail experience and her partner Chris’ expertise in graphic design and online media to create an amazing little shop with big ambitions. Before opening the shop, Julia used to have this scrap-book full of ideas and dreams about how her shop would be and deciding one day that she just had to do it and set up business, using her years old scrapbook to guide her way.

The shop was set up in Cudworth because of the community feeling of the village, saying that it has a more personal feel and the people who live here come to you first before heading into town. The town centre’s unit rates also put them off and after customers paying car parking on top, they didn’t think it would be a viable option to them. They are also setting up a village-wide campaign called #Cudworthiscool and banding all the other local shops together to create more buzz and hype about the village’s high street.


They have a great little range of jewellery pieces from two designers and make lovely gifts to go along with the cards. One brand is called Amelia Grace Jewellery and are all gold and silver plated and retail around the £10 mark. They come in bracelets and necklaces with pretty little pendants in different themes like ‘Luck’ and ‘Dream’. The other brand is Wish Strings Co. from local stockist Kelly Wragg, Wishes used to stock a unicorn pendant bracelet which sold out incredibly fast, proving the popularity of the brand but also have Mother’s Day themed ones, flowers, a pizza pendant and more quirky themes.

Scarves are a great product within the store, they have a wonderful range all in beautiful colours, modern prints, traditional ones, foil prints and embroidered patterns. They are stocked all year round but change colours each season. They sell at the great price of £7.99 for these loosely woven style scarves. You can get one of their scarf leaflets that show you all the ways that you can wear these little beauties to suit any outfit.

There is a constant stream of new products and items in the shop, changing displays around to suit current events and situations, keeping current, up to date and re-freshed. Wishes has also attended fairs since opening, some being a success and some not so great but is put down to the experience and learning from them. Julia also hand prints all of the paper bags to put your purchases in for the extra touches and include loyalty cards that work really well in-store for when you repeatedly buy cards, which works great for those who love buying cards for every and any occasion.

Wishes of Cudworth, 254D Barnsley Road, Cudworth, Barnsley, S71 8SS

Call 07851 406084 –




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