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BFC Boutique Tour: The Heritage Boutique

Heritage Boutique is based inside the Elsecar Heritage Centre, next door to the Brambles Tea Room and Vinyl Tap. They specialise in Italian brands, selling the best linen and silk womenswear, bags and purses, jewellery and scarves. Also stockists of brands such as LYDC bags, Sugarcrisp, Carry Me, Zoom, Obsession, SuGarBaBe and more. Their clothing is generally in a ‘One Size’ fit, loose fitting, throw over styles, as well as having a great plus-sized range.

Most of their repeat customers shop here for holiday clothing, cruises and beachwear, but throughout the colder months, will stock up on their soft and fine knits. Many of their customers visiting the Elsecar Heritage Centre have come from far corners such as Scotland, Devon, Bristol and even Australia.

Heritage Boutique has been a part of the centre for 2 years, originally making roots inside the Craft rooms in a smaller unit but soon outgrew the premises and moved around the corner to their current spot. The business is doing so well that they are now looking for a secondary shop within the Barnsley area to continue their growth.

The boutique stands out from the crowd due to their price points and handpicked ranges. Their average prices are between £30-£40 for pure linens and silks. The range is handpicked by it’s owner Karina, visiting the stockists direct and having eye to eye contact with the garments before bringing back. They only ever have limited runs of one style, making each piece unique, whilst having over 200 individual styles in their shop at any one time.

We asked them about their online efforts and how they’ve embraced social media, they admitted it’s something they’ve not been able to put as much time and effort into as they’d like. They have great ambitions to set up a fully functioning website to make sales to customers much easier, after noticing other competing shops selling similar styles, having success online.

Heritage Boutique, Elsecar Heritage Centre, Elsecar, S74 8HJ

Follow them on Facebook or Call 07428 187594



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