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BFC Presents The ‘Boutique Tour’ Series


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Barnsley Fashion Creatives is presenting our brand new blog series, The Boutique Tour. We are touring around Barnsley and showing you amazing local independent boutiques and shops that have fashion items available to you. Our posts will go live on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays for the whole of April, with fashion boutiques, bridals, accessories and more.

Help us spread the word of these great local places by sharing the blog posts, like their Facebook pages, visit them and say you saw them on this blog! You will make their day by doing these small things and supporting them.

There’s more to Barnsley than just the high street shops and here we have the true gems. Thank you for your help and support and we hope you enjoy this blog series.


*Here’s a link to the posts as they go live:

The Heritage Boutique

Marie Blanche Bridal

Pre-Loved Boutique

Wishes of Cudworth

Are You Searching For A Boutique?

Serendipity Boutique

Lacey Janes

Pink Boutique

S E Unique Designs


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