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BFC Project #2: Behind The Scenes

Our second Barnsley Fashion Creatives Project photoshoot was a good day…but also a very blustery one! Here’s all the behind the scenes of the day. You can catch up on previous BFC #2 posts below.

BFC Project #2 With Something New Wedding Specialists: The Brief

BFC Project #2 with Something New Wedding Specialists: The Team

Our Make-up artists and hair stylist Nicola began the day by starting with model Karina’s hair and helping the little girls before starting to shoot. Here Nicola begins curling Karina’s hair to make into an updo later on.

We began the photoshoot with the two little girls Ava & Mya in their flower girl dressesaround the courtyard of the venue. Photographer Collette helped them to pose, in between throwing coats on and off to stay warm!

The incredibly windy day made it hard to photograph the gorgeous dresses, so we got a few extra shots outside and soon moved indoors where it was slightly warmer. Luckily inside the reception of the venue, they had these lovely large glass doors, meaning we could have the illusion of being outdoors whilst being shielded from the weather.

The venue very kindly loaned us one of their cottages to use for the day (it was beautiful!), so we headed back to that cottage to take a few shots inside. Nicola had almost finished Karina’s updo, incorporating a floral headband for a soft look.

A local business called Crystal Foam Flowers loaned us these gorgeous little bouquets to use in the photoshoot, they really complimented Laura’s dresses in the shoot. Here we have Mya & Ava posing on the stairs after dressing the area with a flower garland.

Collette the photographer made sure every shot was perfect whilst trying lots of different options to make sure Laura had a good choice of pictures for the dresses.

The second model Samirah went into hair and make-up and because she had really sleek long hair, Nicola decided to go for a lovely side plait style.

Karina was ready to start shooting and her first dress was this beautiful long pink style. We also included Mya in some shots and had some interactions together for a more natural look to the shots.

Going for a teal green theme, Karina & Mya posed infront of this stone building, we did have to battle with the wind again and got some great shots again.

Karina’s last dress was a sequined strapless full length gown, there was some lovely natural light coming through the patio doors so Collette took advantage of that and the decor within the cottage.

Samirah was now ready to shoot, she spotted this elegant lilac dress and immediately asked to wear it! Collette continued to use this natural light we had and those cute bouquets.

We moved locations back to the stone building to make use of this ornate door and arch. The back of this dress had a beautiful lace train, of course we had to make the best angle of it.

Nicola joined us to help keep hair in place and with the styling for the shots, we tried a couple more locations for this dress, using the surrounding areas of the venue.

The last outfit of the day was this two piece sequined top and long flowing skirt for a more contemporary bridesmaid feel. The wind was causing a lot of problems with the hair styling, more hairspray and pins were required. This was shot back in the courtyard of the the cottages, with the stone building in the background.

We decided to go for something extra in the last shots, putting Samirah’s modelling experience into good action for some more edgier (but still bridal!) looks. The courtyard was a lovely setting and not over fussy.

We have the final shots coming soon! Watch this space!


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