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Get Fruity With Cottonarts


Cottonarts is a local business that creates gorgeous leather accessories such as clutch bags, backpacks, coin purses, wallets and more. Cottonarts is based inside the quirky boutique, Junction 36 at Hoyland Common along with other handmade local businesses providing all your fashion needs. Their new Spring Collection of travel wallets have these funky fruits in an applique technique, bringing a colourful edge to your travelling needs. You can follow them on their facebook here and visit the website here.

Here we interviewed Jilly of Cottonarts about their new collection of travel wallets and tips on how you can make your small themed ranges of products.

BFC: Why did you decide to introduce travel wallets in the beginning?

I was creating a bespoke request for a wallet to accommodate holiday documents, the response to my finish design was unbelievable! I found a way to make something really practical that was also desirable & fashionable. The inside is very organised, it holds passports, boarding passes, money, bank cards, health cards & more! It even has a clear plastic section for you to put a photograph or your ID card. The original Travel wallet is a Stripe detail with buttons, you choose two colours and the colour way is reversed on the inside. From then on the options have developed & I now do various designs including Fruit appliqués.

BFC: What inspired you to do a fruity motif range of them?

I absolutely LOVE colour! I get the most excited when I am challenged with piecing many colours together and there’s nothing more colourful & fun than summer fruits! I fancied a burst of colour, I know it seems a little early in the year but I work with colour all year round. I often find myself late to the party when it comes to fashion, so this year I have told myself I need to be on top of trends & try to learn about what people want to see. I plan to ask my wonderful customers what they would like to see next…

BFC: Do you have any other themed ranges planned?

I am currently working on a Sunflower, So I guess I would like to do a Flower Power collection? I have a bespoke service & my customers allow me to be very experimental, so sometimes they determine my next move.


BFC: What tips would you give to others that were wanting to do themes ranges with their products?

I think I am still learning this one myself, try to ask your customers what they want to see & don’t feel too disheartened if you make a few bum choices along the way, because in the creative world I think you learn from your mistakes. Just make sure you enjoy what you are making because I always believe this shows in your makes.


Are you planning a limited edition range or new collection? Let us know what your plans are and we could feature you here.


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