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Better Barnsley’s Town Redevelopment Update


The project ‘Better Barnsley’ has released some updates about the town centre’s refurbishments. As you’ll most likely be aware that already there has been numerous demolishes and rebuilds in aid of improving the town’s appearance . The latest update talks about the new library work commencing, a new cinema and plans for a new gym. A large new shopping centre is to be built called ‘The Glassworks’ with a total of 26 units, 11 of them are to be restaurants and cafes.


Whilst they currently don’t have any retailers signed up for the new shopping boulevard, the council has released a wishlist of the sorts of shops they’d like to see. This comprises of H&M, River Island, Dr Martens, Jack And Jones, Foot Asyslum as well as other non-fashion stores such as Lush and HMV. They’d also love to see restaurants like Nando’s, TGI Friday’s, Five Guys and more.


Alongside this new shopping boulevard, there are also plans to have a 14 screen cinema with restaurants beneath, a brand new gym, especially with a DW Sports store being on their wishlist of retailers and a bowling alley.

What are your views on the town’s redevelopment? I personally think it’s great that we are having these aspirations and wanting better for our town. I’m just not so sure that all these will come to fruition, but nonetheless I hope I’m proved wrong as it will make Barnsley a better place to visit.



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