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Business Tips: How To Use Your Photographs Marketing

Recently we had our first Barnsley Fashion Creatives photoshoot, a group initiative of local businesses to create a beautiful collection of photos. But what do you do with the photos once you have them? You try and use them for everything you possibly can! Here we have some examples of how you can use them just in your marketing efforts, but there are so many more areas you can use them because these can become the ‘face’ of your business.



If you are a business that regularly uses leaflets to advertise, like at fairs, put them in your carrier bags, hand them out in busy shopping areas, then a printed leaflet with your photo is perfect! Make sure it’s the right image though, one that clearly states what your business is but without looking fussy. One that is right on point. Then add your business logo and where customers can find you. Simple as that! You don’t need to over complicate it, less is more in these situations.

Facebook Profile & Banner

The easiest things you can do is to update your social media pictures with them. You don’t even have to go as far as these above by adding logos and collaging them, you can just upload the direct photos even. It shows you are being up to date, refreshing your imagery and boasting about how good your products are by letting everyone see them everytime there are on your pages.


Here’s a quick example I put together to show how it can bring your profiles to life. A picture speaks a thousand words and here there is 6 images just across the profile and banner that say exactly who you are.


Creating a lookbook can be really simple. Just add the prices of the products onto them and simply use it like that. It can be used as a catalogue type material or as a how-to-wear and buy-the-whole-look material. A lookbook can be quite versatile as a straight forward selling marketing material. Here’s just a little example of a double page usage but it could quite easily be used as a magazine editorial too.



Whether you have an online banner or a physical banner, a good image with your logo is all it has to be. Keep your products the main focus of it to make it eye catching and you’re good to go. A banner always comes in use somewhere so make sure you use one of your photos on it.


Have any other ideas of how you can use your new photographs? Leave us a comment below.


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