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BFC Project #1: Our Final Favourites, Part 1

The first Barnsley Fashion Creatives project was back in October and it was a brilliant day with a brilliant team! We now can show you our favourite picks from the bunch, which we ended up with lots of usable photos for all who was involved. We worked with local designer Spirit Original Designs who creates clothing and accessories, make-up artist and hair stylist Nicola Whitfield, Photographer Kevin Hinchcliffe and our two models Sammi Scargill and Megan Pickering and shot our photos around the Barnsley Colliery and Jakto’s Transportation yard. You can look back on our previous first project posts here:

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We are currently organising our second project for a bridal themed shoot with another local designer. You can read more about it here.

All of the below outfits are on sale and available for purchasing, you can visit Spirit Original Designs facebook page to enquire about any of the outfits, jewellery and leather bags. Visit


Sammi was one of our models, her favourites are:




Nicola was our make-up artist and hair stylist for the shoot, here’s her two favourites:

‘Fab team to work with, really enjoyed the day and everyone really mucked in and helped where needed. Trish was lovely and her designs are amazing, organisation by Hannah was done very well. Both models were amazing and I couldn’t believe they hadn’t modelled before as they both were really good and took direction brilliantly. Kevin did amazing with the photo’s and my two favourite outfits were Sammi with the leaves and the pink & grey dress on Megan. Stunning, thanks team you were great.’



Here we have Megan’s favourites who was one of our beautiful models:

‘I really like how the coat drops on this photo, I think it shows off the waterfall effect really well.’
‘I like how this photo showcases the variety of rings on offer at Spirit Original Designs. I also think it emphasises Nicola’s skills with eye make-up, I like the choices she chose and this is complimented in Sam’s skin tone really well.’
‘I like this one showing Nicola hard at work. Out of the two looks I had, this was my favourite as it was a bit more grungey. I also like how you can see the glitter fading across the eyeshadow.’
‘I really like the colours in this dress and Kevin has done a really good job with editing the photo and angling it to get the best possible effect for this outfit. I love how the dress has a roughed detailing to hide my wobbly bits, but the belt still shows off my figure. I also think Nicola has done a great job doing a subtle look with the make-up to not distract from the dramatic colours in the dress, yet still managed to create the wow factor with the hair.’
 We have part 2 of our favourites from Trish the designer, Kevin the photographer and my own faves coming up soon!

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