Business Tips: Creating Great Marketing Materials

Every business will have some sort of physical marketing materials. It might be leaflets, swing tags, posters, look books and more. These are often items that end up in the hands of your customers and they need to make a great first impression in order to appeal to them or make a repeat sale from them. Here’s a few tips to make sure your materials are looking the best they can be and make money for your business.

Colour Palette

The colour palette you use is really important. Try and choose a handful, maximum 5, colours that either compliment each other or are opposites. Your business’ logo should also be of the colours to make sure it’s all tie-ing in together. Above is a picture of Blue Lights Photography’s gift vouchers, obviously the colour is blue but they’ve used tones of blue, mixed with black and white. This creates a really nice clean look and makes a more professional feel.



Fonts have a big impact on the look of your materials. Choosing the right ones that echo your business’ style is the first thing to tackle. Make sure to keep to one or two font styles, maximum of 3 but pick one as your main font and the others for subheadings or other text areas. Using different text sizes and formats like Bold or Italics can put emphasis on certain areas that you want to pop out more to your viewers.


If you choose to have images such as photographs or graphical imagery, make sure they are always crisp photos and clear graphics, no blurred pictures on the physical materials. This can put your customers off straight away if they can’t understand what your business is offering or looks confusing. These must always re-iterate your business’ style, branding, voice and theme.


Your branding is your business’ personality and voice, so make sure these are on all your materials in the same sense. They can vary from piece to piece but as long as they match, your customers will always recognise who you are. You can read more on branding from our interview with Klue Doll that explains branding more, read it here.


Multiple Materials

Most people will have multiple items that you use for marketing materials like business cards, swing tags, leaflets, packaging, banners and more and so you have got to make sure they all match each other. They don’t need to be the exact same but as long as they have the same fonts, colour palettes and all of the above, you’ll be safe. If you made each piece different, there would be no continual ‘voice’ for your brand.

All photos belong to each individual business and some to Barnsley Fashion Creatives. Contact for each copyrights.


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