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The Civic’s Festive Apothecarium: An Alternative Fair


The Civic’s ‘A Festive Apothecarium’ was on Saturday 26th November, an alternative and steampunk craft fair. It was quite different to your usual mainstream craft markets, we saw mystical felted dragons, clockwork and feather adorned top hats, filigree face masks and laced-up lacey corsets. It was all set up in The Gallery space inside the Civic, a nice open white-walled area that made all these beautiful quirky items stand out.

Now, I had a bit of bad luck on the day as both my camera and phone’s battery died and only managed a few photos myself! However I shall still tell you about what I saw and how you can also see them for yourself. The traders at the event were such a lovely bunch of people, all really kind and clearly passionate about their businesses. We also saw one of the music acts just before we left, the Willows Acoustic Duo. They sounded lovely and had a nice raw feel about their music style. Here’s their Facebook Page.

Laurian Gray’s Wardrobe had a great stall at the far end full of corsets and garments all of the steampunk persuasion. There were so many different corsets to choose from, different colours, different fabrics, different fastenings and different types. They were all gorgeous, but they also had these metal face masks, crowns and tiara type items and they were so pretty and unusual. I was desperately trying to think of an occasion I could wear one to! Here’s their facebook page

Punk Cat Leather was full of…you guessed it, leather! But not just normal boring leather, all individually stamped leather, studded bracelets, handmade buckle belts and many other accessories. Some of the key fobs had funny writing on like ‘Disaster Area’ and ‘No Future’  and other adult words, which made me giggle. Pictures belong to Punk Cat Leather. Check out their facebook page

Angels From Demons are a truly unique business that I’ve never seen at a fair before now. They take old and unloved Barbie dolls and Bratz dolls and performs makeovers! Re-paints, re-styles and re-dresses them into new characters of all kinds. At the fair were more steampunk and alternative options but they also undertake commissions into all kinds of themes. Here’s their website

Ornamentology were primarily a hat stand but also had some other smaller accessories that fit within the fair’s theme. These hats were beautiful! Each one was unique and different, using semi-precious stones, feathers, clockwork pieces, netting, goggles and more. Mostly in a steampunk theme but there were others that you could wear for occasions, masquerade balls and other times than wanting to be all out alternative. See their website for more

Those felted dragons I mentioned? Here Be Dragons By Colli Decoris makes these wonderful mythical creatures, as well as unicorns and others all from felt. They are so detailed and colourful and totally un-fashion-related but look how amazing they are! Pictures belong to Here Be Dragons. See their facebook page


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