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BFC Project: Profiling the Team

The first Barnsley Fashion Creatives Project went ahead on Sunday 30th October and was a fantastic day! We had a great team that brought the whole day together to create a beautiful photoshoot. We will also have more behind-the-scenes pictures to show you but first off, let me introduce everyone to you.

Trish Evans of Spirit Original Designs

Trish styling up Sammi on the shoot.

Trish is the owner of Spirit that creates a range of handmade products such as jewellery, bunting, homewares, accessories as well as clothing. We did the photoshoot to show off her womenswear range, paired with leather bags, wire-wrap and gemstones jewellery and other accessories. She wanted to do the shoot to make her clothing come to life and show how they can be worn.

Photographer Kevin Hinchcliffe

Action shot of Kevin. (Photo from Trish)

Kev was our photographer of the day, he has been doing photography for over 10 years and has quite a portfolio of different creative types that he’s done before. On the day he was very encouraging with the models and created a really fun and relaxed atmosphere for all of the team.

Make-up Artist & Hair Stylist Nicola Whitfield

Nicola airbrushing foundation onto Sammi.

Nicola is a make-up artist and hair stylist that also has a very large portfolio of different types she has done over many years of freelancing and training. Nicola does everything from bridal make-up, Halloween to avant garde fashion shoots and prides herself in using cruelty-free make-up and an airbrush foundation tool.

Model Sammi Scargill

Sammi poses to show off the hand-made jewellery.

Sammi is a horse-rider and has been from a young age and she also works for Bupa. Although has no previous modelling experience, she acted like a professional on the set. Sammi brought a confident and bubbly personality to the shoot and looked amazing in everything we put her in.

Model Megan Pickering

Megan posing for the shot. (Photo from Trish)

Megan is a nail technician currently in further training but already has the experiences under her belt, as well as already completing training in hairdressing and fashion design. Megan has some previous modelling experience but looked great doing moody and mysterious shots, showing off the more night-time party dresses amazingly.

We will be showcasing all the behind the scenes in our next post and how the day went along, plus tips on how you can do your own shoot.


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