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Nomad Atelier: First Anniversary Celebration


Sunday 16th October Nomad Atelier held their first anniversary celebration at their shop on George’s Yard, Barnsley town centre. We headed over to see what was happening and see their lovely garments and the gallery & homeware on the top floor.


We headed in through the Quintessential Kitchen on the bottom floor, which was packed! The food smelt and looked gorgeous but we continued through and headed upstairs where the Nomad Atelier is nestled in. We decided to go straight upstairs to the top floor (that’s where the champagne was!) to see the gallery with items from Dyehouse, Audio Room, Joshua Ellis and more. Some beautiful large canvas paintings, wooden furniture pieces, decorative vases and soft furnishings were being shown by the respective business owners, showcasing their artisan pieces and explaining the processes in their products.

After finishing the complimentary glass of champagne, we went to back in the Nomad room. They style of the garments have a very fluid feel with luxurious fabrics like silks, suedes and leathers, cashmeres and wools. The silhouettes all have a soft feel with a lot of draped fabrics, relaxed knitted jumpers and flowing silk shirts.

They also have a number of accessories to complete your outfit, leather handbags and clutches all with the Nomad stamp for a fine detail. You could purchase some suede ankle boots, which I loved the white ones but there’s no way I could keep them that colour! Joshua Ellis scarves were also among the mix that are made from 100% cashmere so are incredibly soft and snuggly and for some wrist eye candy, Issey Miyake watches with beautiful simplistic designs.

The was a really lovely atmosphere around the building, wonderfully light and airy that showed off all these beautiful items and felt very welcomed by the staff members. If you are looking for something extra special and highly unique for christmas, here is definitely worth the visit. Take a look on the website for more details

All photos belong to Barnsley Fashion Creatives.

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