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The New ‘KLUE DOLL’ by Kellyann Garforth: Business Branding

Klue Doll is the new klue by kellyann, we had a chat with her all about why she’s changing her business’ name and branding and what she suggests to others about finding your brand and what you can do. See her Facebook page here.

BFC: Why did you decide to change the name of your clothing business?

Kellyann: There isn’t a dramatic story of why I’m changing, I just feel as my business has grown and now my focus if primarily on bridal & occasion wear, Klue doll just seems like a natural progression for me, it’s a name I refer too often when describing my clients, my style and my way of drawing illustrations as well. The new launch is the start of many changes with KLUE by Kelly-Ann will still be around but more of a sister brand featured on my website.

BFC: What other changes are you making to your business, other than a new logo?

Kellyann: Within the next month I will have a lovely new website and I will be opening my first online shop where clients can order anything from bridesmaid dresses, that one off night out outfit and children’s wear. I am also working on a collection of Team Bride accessories for hen parties and wedding essentials such as personalized dressing gowns, t-shirts and much more. And finally I’m planning on attending some wedding shows in 2017 so very exciting times ahead.

BFC: What impact does a good business name and strong branding have? And what does ‘branding’ mean?

Creating a brand identity is giving people a sense of who the brand are and what they represent. Your brand is telling a story of your style and the products your going to create. I feel that having a name that stands out or is memorable is very important not only so people remember it but also so when your name is searched on google or any social media platform it’s easily found. Strong branding makes it so the customer can easily recognize your work and the more cohesive your branding, the more professional it comes across. Fashion is ever evolving so change is inevitable but as long as you have a strong brand signature it will still be recognisable to the clients that it’s your brand. Here’s an infographic I liked about brand identity.


BFC: How did you decide on this typography and style for your new logo?

Kellyann: I wanted something that was a bit industrial/chic looking that was bold lettering but had a hand drawn look so when I found this I was in love! I created a foil effect myself to get the perfect copper, metallic shade. Combining foil colours like copper and gold against a white and gray marble is something I’m really loving at the moment and something that blends well with all the different elements to klue from Bridal wear, women’s fashion and children’s wear.


BFC: How did you find your new brand identity and style? Did it just happen organically or did you just decide on the new changes?

Kellyann: I moved house a year ago so I’ve been doing a lot of interior design so my love of copper has been my major love for 2016. So naturally while I’ve been pulling together ideas and it’s been things I love and I’m sure many other people are obsessed with at the moment.


BFC: Your doing a Facebook competition to raise awareness of the new branding, right? So what else are you hoping to achieve from it?

Kellyann: Yes I’m doing it to make a bit of a ‘ta darr’ moment of the new name and look but I’m also doing it to say thank you to all my clients old and new for the ever-growing support.

Here are the 3 dresses I will be giving away, Dress 1 is a fitted black dress with ruffle hem, razor neckline and a portrait back cut out. Dress 2 has a slash neck, high low swing dress with contrast V panel detailing. And dress 3 is a Ruby red statement dress, full sheer mesh bodice and sleeves with textured lace detail over the bust, V-waist seam, fitted mermaid skirt with extra full train and key hole exposed back. This dress will be tailored to fit the winner. You can enter the facebook competition here!

BFC: How would you advise other people on finding their business’ brand and style?

Kellyann: I think with fashion especially its personal style, what you want to portray, what best reflects the style of clothing you make and sell. And if in doubt there is Pinterest and hiring a professional. But for many years I kept to a clean black and white look which will stand the test of time and always look chic.

BFC: What other ways can people do to raise awareness of their business’ branding on social media?

Kellyann: Doing professional photoshoots not only do you get amazing images to promote your work but you also get to connect with other creatives. Contacting bloggers, vloggers and online influencers can elevate your brand and it goes without saying but promote all your work across all social media platforms.



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