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The Alhambra’s Fashion Week Event


The Alhambra Shopping Centre has held a Fashion Week event to coincide with London’s Fashion Week to spotlight some of the shops, give away prizes and put on some shows.The event has been on since Tuesday with the Barnsley Hospice having a pop-up shop and fundraising. On Friday there was some vintage style Paparazzi’s taking photos and giving away £150 when they entered the competition. Saturday was the main day with their ‘Fashion On The Move’ shows, consisting of 5 models and doing a shows every half an hour at various spots around the centre to show different shops’ selection of clothing. At each show, they were giving away £50 vouchers to spend in those shows, the winners being picked at random from the audience.


From Tuesday, the Barnsley Hospice charity was in the centre selling pre-loved clothing from their charity shops and promoting their upcoming events. On Friday they had two vintage style paparazzis in the centre, taking photos of local shoppers and then giving them a card where they could download the photos for free and also have the chance of winning £150 to spend in the retailers. These were a nice touch to the event and created a fun atmosphere.

The ‘Fashion On The Move’ shows were a delight to watch, they had 5 models of which were 3 gals and 2 guys. Dressed in the retailers, the shows were right outside of that shop amongst all of the shoppers. They would then put on a dance routine and then a standard catwalk show. The compere would then talk about the clothing the models wore and what prices they were at. The shows were on roughly every half an hour and the models did do the same dance routine every show, which I thought they could have maybe had 2 dance routines to switch it up a little. Despite this though, each show was kept lively, intriguing and informative by the host. In the show that was outside TK Maxx, my boyfriend that had come along with me whispered ‘I want that shirt that model is wearing.’ so we headed straight in to find it, proving the shows worked as they should have!

It would be great that next year when they do this again, they try to add even more to the fashion week event and bring more people into the Barnsley town centre. Maybe some more pop-up shops? Live mannequin window displays? Let us know what ideas you have. The Alhambra Shopping Centre is one of our 10 places to visit in Barnsley and putting on events like these ensure its place on that list!

Credit given to first 2 pictures, all rest belong to Barnsley Fashion Creatives.

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