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Ask Barnsley Creatives How They Made Their Businesses Better


In what ways have you grown or developed to make your business better? This is the question we asked Barnsley creatives about themselves and their businesses to provide some tips for your own company. How have they become more efficient? How have they grown their business? And how have they become better? It’s all here.

Emily Roberts of Emi B Designs

My business has definitely developed since I first started in many ways. The style of my products is something that has changed as before I was all about bright and colourful, which I still am but now I look for more of a vintage feel in both the colours I use and the styles, this change has made my business better because that’s the sort of things people love these days. I also try to make my bags more practical than I used to. I make bags for everyday use instead of the tote bags I used to make a lot of.

Laura Fletcher of Something New Wedding Specialists

I’d say I’ve developed more by adding more to the range in terms of what the business has to offer. So in the beginning it was just dresses, then I went on to add decor like chair covers and the cart, then now i do ties too.

Trish Evans of Spirit Original Designs

I started with jewellery and bags. Then clothes and then crafts. All bespoke and we provide a commissioning service.

Kellyann Garforth of Klue by KellyAnn

It would definitely be finding my brand style that’s true to me. In such a fast paced industry I always felt like I needed to keep on trend and change my whole style each season, but now I feel I have my own signature style. A way of branding that I stay true to but I try keep my designs on trend, fresh and bringing something new each season. KLUE DOLL is what I am changing my brand name to on the 1st of October to start my vision for a stronger more recognisable brand.

Nicola Whitfield Make-Up Artist

I would say I provide a much better service to my clients than I did when I first started out. I have a much more comprehensive knowledge of the products I use I have adjusted and tweaked this over the years so I provide the best service for my customers.

Raychel McGuin of Angels From Demons

I’ve stopped worrying what people think and do what makes me happy. If I don’t sell, I look at it as a hobby – so all sales are a bonus. I see stalls at events as a 4D advert – I can ‘sell’ my stuff much better in person than a photo/advert – so the cost of the stall is like paying for an ad. I always used to try and do a mish mash of stuff to please the customer and found it just confused them, now I specialise in one thing (I may be expanding to two but very closely linked). I find people get it, it’s easier to market and discuss and as it’s very niche it makes it easier to pinpoint my audience rather than the scattergun approach I used to use!

Sandra Hill of A Pawfect Fit

As for what have I learnt. What haven’t I? More or less ALL the business and internet stuff (I didn’t even have a Facebook, Twitter page, etc until I needed one for business). I’ve learnt to think laterally and to find ways of sticking to my ideals and ethics, whilst not judging, or offending anyone else’s. That and to focus. I’ve cut out so many of the products I started selling at events as my secondary business, to the point I’m contemplating just selling those online, Etsy, Ebay etc, and not having a proper 2nd business but I love creating, so need an outlet. So to focus is probably another thing that I’ve learnt.

Have you learnt something from these experts that you could start to put into practise? Let us know your thoughts.


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