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How You Can Work A Blog Into Your Business


Blogging can be a huge leap forward for your business and when done right, it can funnel potential customers through to buying your products or services. Giving background information about you and your business can make your customers feel closer to you and get to know you better. They can see how you work, what events you go to and what your personality is.

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Blogging can take some time, on top of the many other list of things you have to do with your business. But if you set aside just 2 hours a week and publish 1 good post a week, this can enhance the richness of your work. Say you did a fair that weekend, or you’re working on a new product, or you have an exciting commission on the go, these can all be great content to put on your blog. Take photos throughout your event to create a journal of the day, or share some tips on getting commissions, there’s numerous things you can put on it to share to your viewers. Be careful though, don’t throw things on there, try and keep things either insightful or helpful to keep their attention. If you want to dive deeper into blogging, many bloggers post everyday or every other day but you don’t have to! If you can commit to post once a week, or once every two weeks, then that’s perfectly fine and your readers will know you post regularly.

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There are so many free resources and guides on how to do blogs and there is no surefire way to do it, you just have to find your own rhythm to it and try and be consistent as you would with your other social media platforms. It can be more time consuming than say Facebook or Twitter but that’s because its more content rich, you can say much more with text and images. Even if you’re not much of a writer, photo blogs are just as popular if you just say a sentence or two of what the photos are and then post a few good quality images.

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There’s a few ways of getting a blog, Google’s Blogger and WordPress are the main ones, Tumblr is another but it is more image based. However if you already have a website, add a ‘News’ page and use that as your blog to update your readers. This can also attract more customers to your website as they’re bound to search through the rest of your site once they’ve done reading. You just have to find what is easiest for you.

If you have anymore questions about Blogging, feel free to get in touch!

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