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How London Fashion Week Can Grow Your Business


Whether your business is fashion based or not, it’s strange how much it can influence all aspects around you. Many different industries look to fashion for their inspiration, they might look at the shapes, colours, textures or details. These can all transfer to different things like architecture, homewares, art and fabrics. This continuing circle or taking inspiration from each other can affect your own business whatever field you are in, therefore it’s good to get in on the loop and know whats coming.

London Fashion Week, beginning next Thursday 15th September to Tuesday 20th, will be showcasing designer’s Spring/Summer 2017 collections, meaning you can see what trends will be popping up after the winter. Planning ahead is a main component of all businesses and if you can decide what items you’ll create for the next season, you can be right on trend when the time comes. Whether you just want to see the colours, beauty looks, fabric prints or shapes, it’s all here at your fingertips because LFW live stream many of their shows onto their website. The Live shows don’t start until the Friday but a lot of main contenders like Burberry, Jasper Conran, Mulberry, Topshop Unique are all live streaming and usually last around 30 minutes each.


Pop it on in the background whilst your working or schedule your day around which shows you really want to watch. Make sure to write notes of anything you see that keeps re-occurring or if there’s anything that aligns with your own business’ brand that you can work into your next season products. Doing all this means you will be on track and already have insider knowledge of what will be popular and what consumers will be looking for, which means more money in your pocket. You don’t have to pick up on every single trend and stuff them all into your business though, pick just a few that already match your theme and ethos whilst still keeping your own style in the mix.

Keep track of the shows on the London Fashion Week website here:


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