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Menswear in Barnsley

Other than the high streets shops, there are a number of places to get different menswear in Barnsley from independent shops and handmade designers. There’s always plenty of places for womenswear and the menswear seems sparce or hard to find. Well we’ve done the leg work for you, here’s our list of possibilities for you guys to explore.

Down the Victorian Arcade are 3 independent shops, Ashworth & Bird, Originals and The Gallery. Each of these have a different style and look so depending how you’re feeling, you can easily pop into all 3 down one short street to figure out what you’re wanting.


If you leave the Arcade at the bottom after being inside Ashworth & Bird, cross the road and head to your right and you’ll pass the corner shop of Ghia Menswear, for the more sport luxe clothing as well as accessories.


Also On your visit list should be Nomad Atelier, many of their items are unisex, looking amazing on men as they do on women. Be prepared to pay the price for their luxurious fabrics, bu they’ll certainly last you many years to come in both quality and style.

Speaking of handmade, local designer Emily Sharp Fashion creates quirky menswear garments, geometric t-shirts, stylish trousers and one-off cardigans. She can also cater to requests and commissions if there’s something you’d like but just can’t find in the shops.


And lastly, if you’re needing something more formal, Greenwoods Menswear is the place. Now based in the Alhambra shopping centre, they have suits, shirts, ties, jackets and more.

All photos belong to Barnsley Fashion Creatives, except Emily Sharp Fashion’s two photos.

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