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Creative Spaces

Whether it’s your office, home studio, workshop, make-up suitcase, or even your dining room! Creative spaces are needed for our hobbies and businesses to make our works of art. From our Facebook Group, some members sent us photos of their creative spaces and we love them!!

Pam Goodison’s Glasswork studio

Nicola Whitfield‘s Make-up setup at a photoshoot

Raychel McGuin’s Studio
Trish Evans‘ Sewing desk at her shop
Helen Booth’s Photographic desk
Leanne Brooks’ Sewing corner
Jo Noble‘s Workspace

It’s so interesting seeing how people work! We’ve been diving into the world of Pinerest to see their showroom looking workspaces and gather you some inspiration for your creative space and ideas to keep it tidy and organised.

Pinboards and corkboards are a quick, cheap and easy way to get things up on the wall. Get your calendar up there, inspiration pictures, reminders and more. Getting things up on the wall can continually inspire you and using wall space will always benefit your room.

Peg and wire boards are so versatile in making your space more efficient, add shelves, baskets, tubs and more. These can be changed up as and when you want as your workspace evolves and you see what you need more of or less of.

Getting storage right can be the difference between getting something made in a short time or a long time depending on how fast you find the materials and tools to make it! If you have the space to have a good storage system, make sure if has all the comparments it needs. If space is something you’re strapped for, get creative using the backs of doors, stack wooden boxes on a wall with lots of cubby holes, make sure its efficient for the space you have.

Caddies can be great for having all your stuff on show whilst also being on the move, pull it round the room with you whenever you need it. Implement smaller storage systems within them to keep it neat and tidy.

If after all that you have a gloriously messy room and love it the way it is, here’s some other chaotic workspaces to remind you that you aren’t the only one!


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