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How to use Barnsley Fashion Creatives

BarnsleyFashionCreativesAre you based in Barnsley? Does your hobby, job or business relate to the fashion industry? And are you creative? Answered yes to these? Great! You’re in the right place. This group of people called the ‘Barnsley Fashion Creatives’ is a collection of others that also said yes to those questions.

But did you know that you can leverage this group of people to help you out? Maybe you have a photoshoot coming up, or you’re needing some help out with your brand, or you simply just want some opinions and help on a dilemma. Here’s a few ways you can use the group.

  • Join our Facebook Group

Our Facebook group is slowly building up and has plenty of designers, crafters, make-up artists, photographers and more. You can chat with them, connect with them and even work with them. Join the group here.

  • Post on the Facebook Group 

If you have an upcoming project and you need a photographer, or a model, you can post in the group saying what you’re looking for or what help you need. The group can help you find what you’re looking for. Maybe you have a dilemma on something and just need some advice and opinions on, get posting about it!

  • Direct Message Someone from the Group

If you’ve already seen someone on the group that you’d like to connect with, you can always send them a direct message on facebook. If you’re already friends with them then they’ll see your message straight away. If you aren’t, it might be an idea to tag them on one of the posts to let them know you’ve sent a message and to check their ‘other messages’ inbox.

  • Get a Blogpost Made About Your Project

Have you got a project coming up and requires a team of people? Get in touch with us to have a blogpost made all about it. The post can be read by hundreds and shared numerous times by plenty of people. We can help you shine a light on what you’re planning and what kind of help you’d like. Use the contact page to get in touch.

  • Check Our Instagram

Yes we have an Instgram! We post pictures of our creative’s work as well as photographs of Barnsley. We always tag the people in the photos, so feel free to check who we’re tagging and you may just find who you’re looking for to help you in your project. Search our instagram name @barnsleyfashioncreatives or follow this link.

  • Want to be more discrete?

Maybe you want to be more hush about it and keep things on the down low, get in touch and we can do the leg work for you. We can message people direct on your behalf and find who you want whilst keeping it more quiet. Let us know what you’re trying to do and we can sort it all out for you. Use the contact page, email us directly or message directly on Facebook.


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