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Favourites from the Multi-Skilled Sandra Hill

Sandra hill is a local multi-skilled artist with multiple businesses, all of the creative persuasion. Her main business is creating dog-clothing and accessories, but also has knowledge is crafts such as jewellery making, glass-work, textiles and more.  we asked her about some of her favourite pieces she’s made in fashion accessories.

BFC: Hi Sandra, so how do you make these?

Sandra: These were during a more intricate phase, placing items, inclusions and stringers. The green is my favourite ever! The glass can be a bit fiddly. Its a clear and green piece of glass with a cut copper inclusion and strips of coordinating glass sandwiched between them. This is then fused in the kiln & usually cross toes, fingers and any thing else that it fused ok without oxidizing the copper inclusion, or slipping off deforming the shape. It’s like christmas day opening the kiln after a firing, as glass can have a life of its own.

Sandra: But you sometimes just find a lovely piece of glass, that just needs rounding or softening as these. Some glass pieces are just pretty on their own so I just need to cut the required size, then fuse together, just take sharp edges off, or fuse to a full rounded fused shape.

Sandra: I really enjoy the freedom wire wrapping gives you, a bead or gemstone & silver or plated wire and let your imagination loose. I use beads for wire wrapping, usually coloured glass or semi precious stones, even just nice pebbles I find on the beach!

Sandra: This I love! Having a break from the glass and wire work, with a textile, touchy, feely moment. It reminds me of a muppet from my childhood!

BFC: What are they made from and how do you do them?

Sandra: They’re made from wool/yarn and they’re made using a flower loom. I also make flower hair bands and brooches, etc.

BFC: Ooh interesting! What is a flower loom?

Sandra: A flower loom is a circle with pins stuck up at even spacings that you can wrap threads, wool etc around. Easy really, but then you need to push the designs and play with it and the materials.

You can contact Sandra through her main business facebook page: A Pawfect Fit.


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