Something New Wedding Specialists by Laura Fletcher


Something New – Wedding Specialists is ran by Laura Fletcher and creates beautiful bridesmaid and flower girl dresses, along with venue decorations like chair covers, table top decor and candy carts. We talked to her about her favourite makes, cos who doesn’t want to see gorgeous flowy dresses??


Laura: As the wedding season slows down for me, I’ve started to research bridesmaid trends for 2017 and you can see that having your maids in a mixture of colours is set to continue. The first of my customers to do this in 2015 was Joanne, whose bridesmaids wore our best-seller, Adriana, in shades of pinks and purples.


Laura: One of my favourites from 2016 was Faith’s lovely ladies in their custom made Renée gowns in purple hues, beautiful for a June wedding.


Laura: Also from this year was Alexa’s girls in their various vintage pink shades. And still to come next month, a wonderful array of blue, silver and mint! And my top tip for 2017… pastels!


BFC: Where do you go to look for inspiration on your styles, designs and colours?

Laura: Pinterest… I’m totally obsessed! Most of what is on there are American weddings, which are always one step ahead. We tend to follow 1-2 years on, so whatever is happening there, we’re sure to follow.

BFC: And what fabrics do you mostly use and which is your favourite to work with?

Laura: Definitely chiffon. It’s flattering and looks so pretty. Also corded lace! Its great for the classic, vintage look.

You can see more of her work on her website and also give her facebook page a like!


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