More Barnsley Co-Operative Society Archives Research

The other day I got invited to go visit the Barnsley Archives and I got so excited seeing what they’d found for me, I got a bit lost in the reason why I was originally there and ended up just reading through old booklets and staring at photographs a bit too long. However there was some more gorgeous old photos of the Barnsley Co-operative Society that I had already done some delving into and it was because of this that I got invited to go and see more. So here is a few of the photos they had found for me.




These three photos above are from the 60’s in it’s ladies wear department. I love how happy the women in them are and that the styles of clothing in them can still be found in high street stores today. Something that stands out to me in all the photographs though, is that carpet!

This was one of the make-up areas, featuring some brands that have obviously stood the test of time! You can also see the hair dyes, hair products and then for some reason…umbrellas at the back?



The Haberdashery department! If I had been around then, this would be where I’d spend all my time! All those rolls of fabric, mannequins, buttons, ribbons and so, so much more!

The lingerie department looks typical of the 60’s, full length nighties and under-slips. And there is that wonderful carpet again, it’s growing on me!




The three photos above were taken in 1959, so a little earlier than the others and are of the Menswear departments. Here you could buy off the rack and have things made-to-measure. They also have all the school uniforms, shirts and accessories.

I find all these so fascinating and learning more about our town of Barnsley and it’s history can still inspire you today. Massive thanks to the Barnsley Archives for your help, I’ll definitely be coming back.

All photos from the Barnsley Archives.

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