Emi B Designs by Emily Roberts

Emi B Designs

Emi B Designs by Emily Roberts creates beautiful handmade bags and accessories. She uses vintage themed fabrics like polka dots and florals whilst keeping a modern touch. All her items can be catered towards your needs, resulting in something that’s amazing quality and incredibly useful. We asked her what were her all-time favourite designs and why she loved them.

Linen Spotty Bag [514417]
Linen Spotted Bag

Emily: “This bag is brilliant for everyday because of all the different coloured spots on the fabric I have used. This is why I love this one. The fabric is linen so feels lovely to touch. I lined this in a bright green cotton and this really makes this bag pop and really stand out.”

We think this would make a great day bag, maybe go out shopping with it and would match any outfit with its neutral tones and then pops of different colours. The fabric makes it long-lasting, meaning you can get plenty of use out of it and more value for your money.


Fashion ladies pleated across the body bag  [514416]
Cross-Body Pleated Bag


Emily: “I made this bag as I know lots of people like a decent sized bag that can be worn across the body in order to keep there hands free. This particular bag has 2 pleats in both the front and the back and this is what gives it that lovely shape. This is one of my favourites because of the fabric I love the vintage look of it I even finish most of my bags off with a genuine vintage button.”

The vintage print on this fabric is so gorgeous and I’m a strong believer of cross-body bags. The vintage button just finishes off this beautiful bag.



3 Pocket Bag [514414]
Triple Pocket Bag


Emily: “This Bag was made for someone who doesn’t like to cart around a bigger bag but still likes room for everything they need. it contains 3 pockets that are nice and compact when together but expands and opens out when opened. This is my favourite bag to make at the moment and this particular one I love the fabric it has that vintage look to it again which I really like across my designs. The fabric is definitely quirky and something you can’t find on the high street.”

3 pocket bag (image 2) [514415]
Triple Pocket Bag

Functionality is something that a lot of mainstream, high street bags lack in. But this one has it all! Perfect for someone who tends to carry everything and the kitchen sink in their bags, hands up if you’re one of them. Coupled with a pretty vintage print and a flap opening to complete this beauty.

Emi B Designs can be contacted through her Facebook page and also be sure to check out here blog!

All Pictures belong to Emi B Designs.

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