Barnsley Boutiques

barnsley boutiquesBarnsley is home to many independent boutiques, places to get away from the treadmill of high street shops where everything is mass produced at low quality. When you look just a little harder, you can find better quality items, different styles to the norm, local handmade designers and quirky pieces to brighten any outfit. Here just are few of those gems…

Nomad Atelier

Nomad Atelier (previously Pollyanna) is a brand created by Rita Britton based around luxury fabrics. The new store is on George’s Yard, Barnsley Centre and also houses to their own curated gallery on it’s top floor and their cafe ‘Quintessential’. Nomad cater to a higher end clientele, but it’s the place to visit for sumptuous silks, velvets and cashmeres.

The Tobacco Warehouse


Moo Designs

Moo Designs boutique is based inside the Thomas Whitworth Forum on Hanson Street, Barnsley Centre, house many designers including their own in-house brand. If you’re looking for something fun, quirky and edgy, this is definitely the place to visit.




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Junction 36 Boutique

Junction 36 Boutique is in Hoyland Common, Barnsley on Hoyland Road and houses many local designers such as Cottonarts, Emily Sharp, Alice Takes A Trip, Not6Sun and more! You are guaranteed to find something you’ll fall in love with in this fun little boutique. Keep up with their newsletters over on their Facebook Group.

If you own an independent boutique, why not get in touch. We’d love to hear about what you do and who you sell. You can either use the contact form above or email


All pictures belong to each businesses as listed, none are of BFC.



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